Punctuality, Railway administration derelict

    Increasing power in SOP is no power

    Dear Sir, loss of punctuality is a very dicy issue. Maintenance requirement of track, coaches and loco is in conflict with punctuality. Nearly 25 years ago we had raised the point that no more mail/exp trains should be introduced. New trains are eating into maintenance margins. But public demand and political pressures are such that railway is unable to say no to govt. of the day.

    Today prevailing situation is such that one has to slow down goods train or compromise with safety. Every year some 50 trains are introduced. Railway is in trap and it can not come out of this trap. The issue of punctuality is not related to corruption but surely the working culture affects it.

    The present CRB does not seem to be any the better than others. He is honest but lacks exposure in rlys. Like any other railwaymen he too does not have solutions to intractable problems. How to prevent corrosion of rails and coaches, arrest over loading in wagons are begging the answer for several years. He indulges in fan following and rhetoric.

    He has not given solution to main problems. Increasing power in SOP is no power. He will be doing a great service to the nation if he can bring technology for controlling corrosion of rails and arrest in real terms the over loading.

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