Clarification regarding the news I read about me and m wife in your

    Dear Editor,

    Today I read your news which mentioned me and my wie. Very politely & humbly I deny all that written about. I have completed 30 years of my IRMS servce. In addition I have done 1 & 1/2 years of Rajasthan Govt. Job I am a national merit scholorship holder earning scholorship post Xth class throughout. At present my salary comes out to be more than 2 lacs per month. My wife is a leading Gynecologist of Kota. She after completing 20 years of job in Rajasthan State Govt. is running her own Nursing Home for last 10 years very sucessfully. Her earnings are pretty good and accounted. My elder son is an ophthalmologist and his wife is an anaesthesiologist. They both are earning for themselves and well settled. My elder daughter is in Canada on her sponsered scholorship. My father is a retired railway officer and he is getting his pension. My wife is also getting pension in addition to her own practice. Me and my wife has only one dependent daughter studying in Delhi and living with her Mausi. I at present own only a Limited edition white Nano car. All my journeys to foreging countries are well accounted and are done after taking permission from Railways. Me and my wife have equally contributed for the expenditure which was minimal as we travelled as member of RCI or as packaged tours. The property that I own is submitted yearly to the Railways. My wife has purchased a BMW car on 39 lacs. It is well accounted for. The down payment is arranged by her through her own savings and sources as well as the EMI. The clinic belongs to my wife and we live in my parents house and I am paying Rs.30,000/-per month as rent by cheque from my salary. We are only 4 persons living at Kota while one daughter at Delhi. As such our monthly documented income of about 4.5 to 5 lacs per month provide us enough strength to live nicely. In my life I have never tried to kill myself as I am very happy, content and resposible individual. All the allegations against anyone shall come out in the enquiry being done. I refuse to comment anything on it. In my life I have always stood with truth & honesty and as such I have faced many transfers as well as victimization in different manner and I have come out through it. Rather it is my basic right to be with my family based at Kota as such only I try to be posted at Kota and my authorities have helped me with this. Regarding long stay there are doctors who have stayed for more than 30 years at a single place in different zones of the country. There is no case of Sex determination and being jailed of my wife and your information is not true. A false case was made which has been cleared by the High Court that no such case stands against her.

    Sincerly yours,

    Dr. Anil Gupta,Kota