behaviour of sr.den ald

    dear sir, i appreciate and express my agreement with you about the poor quality. this has become cuture in rly. no one can reverse the trend, b'cos no one wants to do it.while no structure made in CPWD &BRO LEAKS,IN rly every structurre leaks.This isattributable to low moral valies and not allowing vigilancr to do its work. sr den 'behaviour appears to be inappropriate and rude.In if heavens fall he sud hv spoken showing regard to gm. Let us look tol the other side. mr. chauhan has vast experience especially as DRM & GM.the RF he must havr dìscussed 100s of why he is araising over and again?? just to tease the òfficer. has he given any solution or just like that. why PCE or AGM did not intdtvene?? So definitelh thdrd is more than what meete the eye??